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More Than Able - Week 9: Finishing Strong
December 1st, 2023
Ever heard the saying, "It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish"? That phrase holds true in the stories of Gideon and Beth DeCiantis.Gideon brought forty years of peace after defeating Midian. How...  Read More
by Kelsey Bradley
More Than Able - Week 8: Trapped: Material Possessions and Believers
November 22nd, 2023
In this weeks scripture focus found in Judges 8, we encounter a profound lesson about the risks tied to placing our faith in material wealth. Gideon fashioned the gold into an ephod (a significant gar...  Read More
by Klen Kuruvilla
More Than Able - Week 7: Praising God When Life Is Good
November 17th, 2023
The tale of Gideon in the book of Judges offers invaluable lessons on serving God not only in adversity but also in times of prosperity. Judges 8:1-23 portrays Gideon’s journey, providing insights int...  Read More
by Ps. Klen Kuruvilla
More than Able - Week 6 - Brokenness That God Can Use
November 3rd, 2023
Let’s recap the story of Gideon as we look into our takeaways from the Midnight Showdown. In the Book of Judges, the story of Gideon and the Midianites unfolds during a time of Israelite oppression by...  Read More
by ~Ps. Klen Kuruvilla
More than Able - Week 5 - Discovering God's Majesty in the Mundane: Lessons from 'A Loaf of Barley Bread'
October 26th, 2023
In our journey to connect more deeply with God, we often tend to look for Him in the big, the grand, and the extraordinary. But there's a beautiful lesson in the story of Gideon from this past week's ...  Read More
by Klen Kuruvilla
More Than Able | Week 4 - Divine Grace: A Pathway to Reconciliation
October 20th, 2023
The concept of God's grace is a recurring theme throughout the Bible, emphasizing the boundless love and unmerited favor that the Creator extends to humanity. As the prophet Zechariah beautifully remi...  Read More
by Klen Kuruvilla