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ELEMENTARY Lessons (grades 1-5) 

Hi Kids!
Happy New Year!!  Hope all of you enjoyed your time off from school during the Christmas holiday with your family, relatives & friends.  We will be going back to our disciple Peter to see what we can learn from his life, mistakes and all.  The first lesson  is something you may not know.  Peter was probably best known for his biggest mistake--he denied Jesus three, yes, three times!!  Did you know that although Peter made HUGE mistakes, there were signs all around him that something was wrong in his life.  But that's only our first lesson of this year.  You'll have to continue on with the rest of the series to know if he will turn his life around.

For Parents who wish to get additional resources for the lessons, please contact me at the church office.  440.248.5755 or email me at diane@christculture.church

Love and Blessings,
Miss Diane

Early Childhood Director
Christ Culture Church

January 2, 2022:    The ROCK  "Watch for the Signs"
January 9, 2022:    The ROCK "Welcome Back"
January 16, 2022:  The ROCK: "You're So Lame"
January 23, 2022:  The ROCK:  "Jailbreak"

Week 1: THE ROCK:  Watch for the Signs

  • Whatchagattaknow:  I will watch for the signs!
  • Bible Story: Peter Denies Jesus  Matthew 26:31-52; Luke 22:54-62
  • Power Verse:  "Keep watch and pray, so that you will not give in to temptation..."  Mark 14:38
  • Question: Did Peter pay attention to the "signs" that were around him that signaled there was trouble ahead?
  • Question:  How can we learn from mistakes Peter made?
  • Pray:  Dear God, Thank you for the story of Peter today.  I have not always paid attention to signs and now I know that there are always signs that I need to pay attention to when I am making decisions.  Help me to make the needed changes to avoid making big mistakes in my life.  Thank you Lord.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

Week 2:  THE ROCK: "Welcome Back"

  • Whatchagaddaknow:  "Even when I fail, God will take me back!"
  • Bible Story:  Peter is Restored   John 21
  • Power Verse:  "Now repent of your sins and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped away."  Acts 3:19
  • Question:  Was Peter sorry for the mistakes he made?  How did he show Jesus that he was sorry for not doing the right thing?
  • Question: When you make mistakes, where should you run to receive forgiveness?
  • Answer:  Only one place-- RUN to Jesus and receive forgiveness.  Jesus is always faithful to forgive and restore every person who asks.
  • Pray:  "Dear God, I am so thankful that you will forgive me when I make mistakes.  I promise to be better the next time as I believe and trust in you.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

Week 3:  You're So Lame

Whatchagaddaknow:  "God can use me to do Miracles for Him."
Bible Story:  Peter and John Heal the Lame Man  Acts 3: 1-12
Power Verse: "For we are God's masterpiece .  He has created us anew in Chris t Jesus, so we can do the good thigs he planned for us long ago."  Ephesians 2:10
Question:  What happened to the man who was lame in our story?
 What is the power verse telling us?

Pray: " Dear God, Thank you for creating me in a special way.  I am thankful that you brought Jesus to us so we can be new people, ready to help you in whatever you need us to do.  We love you Lord!  In Jesus Name we pray, Amen!


Week 4: Jailbreak

  • Whatchagaddaknow:  Jesus came and died for Me, and from Sin He set me free!
  • Bible Story:  Peter Escapes from Prison  Acts 12
    Power Verse: "So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free."  John 8: 36
  • Question:  Is telling a story that is not true a lie?  If it is, what can you do about this sin?
  • Pray:  Lord God, help me to tell the truth.  When I feel that I have not told the truth about something, thank you for letting me ask for your forgiveness.  I want to follow you.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

(ages 2 -5 yrs)

Hi Kids and Parents!  
Happy New Year!!  A new year!  A new day!  So much to look forward to-making snow men, sledding down hills, watching the snowflakes fall...
I guess we just wait for snow!  While we wait, let's take a trip with Peter or Simon Peter, when he first met Jesus.  Did you know that Peter was a fisherman all of his life until he met Jesus?  That's where the journey begins.  Peter left his nets and followed Jesus, just like that. But I don't want to give away too much!!! You'll learn a lot about what Peter did when he followed Jesus. He even disobeyed God!!! Let's find out more about our friend Peter.   The series is called, THE ROCK-Lessons from the Apostle Peter.

Parents:  If you would like any copies of the activities associated with the lesson for your children, please contact me at 440.248.5755 and leave a message.  I will be happy to pass it along to you.  

Week  1 - THE ROCK:  Watch for the Signs
Week 2 - THE ROCK:  Welcome Back
Week 3- THE ROCK:  You're So Lame
Week 4-  THE ROCK:  Jailbreak

Week 1: The Rock:  Watch for the Signs

Week 1: Watch for the Signs
Whatchagaddaknow:  "If I Want to Follow Jesus, I Must Obey!"
Bible Story: "Peter Denies Jesus"  Matthew 26
POWER Verse:  "Keep watch and pray, so that that you will not give in to temptation..."  Mark 14:38
Question:  What can happen if we don't pay attention to "signs" around us telling us that we are heading for trouble?
Prayr:  "Dear Jesus, Thank you for letting me make the decision to follow you.  Your way is the best way and I want to be like you.  In your name I pray, AMEN.


Week 2: THE ROCK:  Welcome Back
Whatchagottaknow: "Even When I Fail, God Will Take Me Back!"
Bible Story:  Peter is Restored   John 21
POWER Verse: "Now repent of our sins and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped away."  Acts 3:19
Question:  Do you know what a sin is?  

Answer:  It is not following the commandments God gave us a long time ago to be the best we can be.  One of them is not telling the truth.
Pray:  Dear Jesus, I know that I will make a mistake, now and then, thank you for telling me that I can do only one thing when it happens, RUN to you!  Thank you for forgiving me and restoring everyone who asks.  In your name I pray, AMEN.

Week 3:  THE ROCK;  You're So Lame

Watchagaddaknow:  "God can use me to do miracles for Him!"
Bible Story:  Peter and John Heal a Lame Man  Acts 3:  1-12
POWER Verse: "For we are God's masterpiece.  He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago."  Ephesians 2:10
Be obedient to God in order to help him do miracles.
Prayer:  Dear Jesus, You are the greatest gift of all!  You make miracles happen when we least expect them.  I want to help you make miracles too!  You are great and mighty and I love you!  In your name I pray, Amen!


Whatchagaddaknow: "Jesus Came & Died for Me, and From Sin He Sets me Free!""
Bible Story:  Peter Escapes from Prison  Acts 12
POWER Verse:  "So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free." John 8:36
If we want to be free from sin, we should PRAY and OBEY and ask God for help.
PRAY:  Dear Jesus, Thank you for coming to earth, dying and saving me from sin.  It is sometimes hard to understand, but when I pray and obey you, I will learn more about you.  I will keep trusting and loving you!  In your name I pray, AMEN!


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