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Our Pastors
Klen & Audrey

Christ Community Church's Pastors

About our Pastors

Klen and Audrey are a dedicated couple whose life centers around their faith, community, and church. Klen, with a Middle Eastern and Indian background, had a life-changing spiritual experience in a Toronto church during high school, leading him to full-time ministry. He later felt called to pastor in the U.S., where he met Audrey, a Lexington, Kentucky native, in Atlanta, Georgia. Their shared faith and desire to serve others form the foundation of their relationship.

Klen focuses on helping individuals discover and utilize their God-given talents and purpose. Audrey is dedicated to inner healing ministries, aiding others in their emotional and spiritual journeys towards wholeness. Both hold Bachelor of Theology degrees from Logos University, and Klen is furthering his studies at the Jack Hayford School of Divinity at the King's University in Texas. He is also an ordained minister within the Assemblies of God.
Together, they have impacted communities worldwide through preaching, worship leading, and missions in countries like China, India, Canada, and in Central and South America. Their global outreach highlights their commitment to spreading their faith's love and teachings.

Klen and Audrey, now living in Shaker Heights, are also parents to four children, embodying their values of love, compassion, and service. Their story is a testament to the power of dedication to faith, community, and the positive impact one can have on the world.
You can connect with Pastor Klen & Audrey personally through email and social media on Facebook or Instagram.