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Klen & Audrey

Meet Klen and Audrey, a dynamic couple whose lives are dedicated to their faith, community, and the local church. Their journey of love and service has taken them from different corners of the world to their current home in Shaker Heights. Their shared passion for God, people, and ministry has shaped a remarkable story of devotion and purpose.

Klen's roots trace back to the vibrant culture of the middle east, enriched by his Indian heritage. He spent his formative years there before embarking on a life-changing journey to Canada during his high school years. It was in a church in Toronto that Klen's heart found its true calling when he gave himself to Jesus. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of his unshakable commitment to full-time ministry.

During his time at business school, Klen experienced a profound supernatural encounter that solidified his resolve to heed the call to pastor in the United States. He felt a strong leading to the city of Atlanta, Georgia, where he would continue to follow God's path. It was in Atlanta that he met Audrey, the love of his life, a native of Lexington, Kentucky. Their union has been built on a shared foundation of faith, love, and a mutual desire to serve.

Klen's passion lies in equipping and empowering individuals to recognize their God-given purpose and talents. He is committed to guiding others on their journey of self-discovery and fulfilling their potential. Central to Audrey's calling is her passion for inner healing ministries. Recognizing the profound impact of emotional and spiritual healing, she has dedicated herself to guiding individuals on transformative journeys towards wholeness. Audrey understands that true healing is a multi-dimensional process that encompasses the heart, mind, and soul. Through her ministry, she walks alongside others, offering a safe space for exploration, vulnerability, and ultimately, restoration. Her approach is a harmonious blend of faith, empathy, and wisdom, reflecting her deep-seated belief in the power of God's love to mend even the most wounded spirits.

Their pursuit of education led them to both earn Bachelor of Theology degrees from Logos University in Jacksonville, Florida. Klen's thirst for knowledge and spiritual growth also prompted him to further his studies, currently pursuing an MDiv at the Jack Hayford School of Divinity at The King's University. His dedication to his faith is further affirmed by his ordination as a minister within the Assemblies of God.

Together their impact extends far beyond their local church. Klen and Audrey's shared journey has taken them across the United States and around the world. Through preaching, leading worship, and participating in missions, they have left an indelible mark on places like China, India, Canada, and various countries in Central and South America. Their dedication to global outreach is a testament to their heartfelt mission to spread the love and teachings of their faith.

Beyond their ministry, Klen and Audrey are proud parents to four beautiful children, nurturing a family that embodies their values of love, compassion, and service. Their current home in Shaker Heights is a testament to their commitment to community and the people they serve.

In Klen and Audrey, we find a pair of devoted individuals whose love for God, people, and the local church has shaped their lives into a powerful force for positive change. Their story inspires us to seek our own purpose, to embrace our passions, and to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those around us.

You can connect with Pastor Klen & Audrey personally through email and social media on Facebook or Instagram.