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10 Ways to Live Out God's Design for Relationships
May 22nd, 2024
The New Testament teaches us as believers the importance of relationships. Here are 10 ways you can experience God's design for relationships in your life: 1. Love One Another"A new command I give you...  Read More
Day 10 | The Unbroken Line to God - 10 Days of Prayer
January 24th, 2024
Today, we reflect on a profound aspect of our faith journey—Praying in the Spirit, as highlighted in our scripture for today, Ephesians 6:18. My prayer is that you will find a deeper understanding on ...  Read More
Day 9 | God's Word in Our Lives - 10 Days of Prayer
January 23rd, 2024
Today, we reflect on an essential aspect of our spiritual armor, as described in Ephesians 6:17 - the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. This piece of armor is unique; it is the only offen...  Read More
Day8 | Protecting our Mind with the Helmet of Salvation
January 22nd, 2024
In Ephesians 6:17, we find a powerful symbol of our faith: the Helmet of Salvation. This piece of spiritual armor represents more than a mere metaphor; it embodies the assurance and protection we have...  Read More
Day 6 | Embracing the Power of Faith - 10 Days of Prayer
January 20th, 2024
Today, we reflect upon a vital component of our spiritual armor, as outlined in Ephesians 6:16: the Shield of Faith. This shield, more than a mere physical defense, represents the profound strength an...  Read More
Day 5 | Standing Firm in God's Peace - 10 Days of Prayer
January 19th, 2024
Today, as we reflect on the Shoes of Peace from Ephesians 6:15, let us go deeper into the principle of standing firm in God's peace, a vital aspect of our spiritual armor. This p…...  Read More